If you've ever purchased a replica bag, you must have heard of the various tiers. A, B, AAA, AAAA, 1:1 Copy, Authentic Grade. Are you confused about how these levels are divided? In fact, these divisions are meaningless to some extent, because there is no standard for all divisions, and most of them are defined by merchants for the purpose of selling goods.

In order to make it easier for buyers to distinguish, we have divided our replica bags into three grades.

1:1 Replicas

This is our highest grade and the highest grade on the market. Products of this level are not only 100% identical in appearance to the genuine product, but most importantly, the materials and hardware of the product are from the same manufacturer as the genuine product. These products tend to come from genuine foundries. This level of the product is also the most expensive. If someone says 1:1 Replica is just an entry-level, it's just that his division standard is different from ours.


This grade is an upper-middle grade, the appearance is 100% the same as the genuine product, and the difference from 1:1 Replica is that the leather and hardware of the product are not from the foundry. This does not mean that the material quality of the product is not good. The material quality of this grade of product is comparable to that of the genuine product.


This grade is our lowest grade, not the lowest grade in the market, generally speaking, it is medium in the market. This level is the most cost-effective level. Materials and workmanship are slightly lower than AAAA grades. If you are not very strict about quality, this grade is a good choice.


We do not sell products of less than medium quality (so-called A, B grades).

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